We see no
messaging apps with

Creative authors’ IP rights respected

Rock-solid security and
privacy standards

Communication beyond basic emojis and stickers that entertains

Total Control Monster

Personalized yet anonymous virtual identities

No risk of account being
“cancelled” a few years from now

accounts and content

Data security

Data security first

Decentralized applications built on the protocol employ its E2E encryption and Onion routing to protect users' data.

BAMM is a transport protocol optimized for transferring small amounts of data between anonymous peers.

Foundation for
web3 dapps

BAMM is a layer 3 open-source security powerhouse sharing its benefits with the products built on it

Top-notch security

BAMM protocol uses end-to-end encryption to send data across the decentralized network

No metadata collected

The safety and privacy of our users is ensured by the use of onion routing

What's in it for me?

Learn how BAMM protocol might be useful for you

App user

App user

Enjoy web3 dapps built on BAMM protocol that enhance social interaction and entertain you while meeting extreme security standards.

Network member

Network member

Help maintaining the operation of the decentralized network and get rewarded for the calculations done by your device.

Software developer

Software developer

Build your own applications based on BAMM protocol to save your time, avoid security risk and grow the whole BAMM ecosystem stronger.

Tingl Logo

Finally, secure communication becomes fun!

Private and secure, yet packed with delightful features and content creation tools, tingl messenger is the first decentralized app built on BAMM protocol.

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Konstantin Klyagin

Konstantin Klyagin

CEO Founder, running software businesses for 17 years

Jemma Vaivala

Jemma Vaivala

CPO 10 years in business administration and project management

Olexander Yermakov

Olexander Yermakov

CTO Author of BAMM, open-source contributor and crypto enthusiast

Dmytro Tryhubenko

Dmytro Tryhubenko

Project Manager 5 years in operations and project management

Kateryna Sobko

Kateryna Sobko

Lead QA Engineer5 years of ensuring quality of web, mobile, P2P and blockchain software

Olya Lytvynenko

Olya Lytvynenko

Graphic Designer 3 years creating visuals for products

Mike Litvin

Mike Litvin

Head Designer 6 years in UX/UI and graphic design

Q1 2022

Start of Development

Q2 2022

Tingl dapp messenger MVP

Q3 2022

Closed alpha release
Public announcement
Strategic partnership

Q1 2023

Seed funding stage
Public messenger dapp launch
Public validators program launch

Q2 2023

Desktop dapp client
Premium subscription
Creative toolkit

Q3 2023

Tingl group chats
Extended messenger features
Publishing platform dapp

Q4 2023

IPFS-based file storage dapp
Decentralized hosting dapp


We have a long-term vision to keep on evolving BAMM protocol while solving real-word problems!

asked questions

What is BAMM?

BAMM is a distributed network of incentivized nodes allowing anyone to create their own social app.

What is your motivation model for node holders and users?
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We use proof of stake consensus. In our model every node must stake currency before being allowed to join the network, thus preventing Sybil attacks. Then every node in the network is being rewarded proportional to the number of clients served via that node.

Why should I use BAMM?
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You should use BAMM if you want to create your own social app and you care about your users security and metadata safety. BAMM network’s focus is on creating a safe and secure anonymous communication medium where the end user owns one's metadata.

What consensus mechanism is used
in the BAMM protocol?
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BAMM uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism for validating transactions.


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